Period: December 2020 - November 2021

Role: Full-stack developer, founding team

Tech stack: Flask, Django, PostgreSQL, Next.js, c3.js, MaterialUI

Project description

DataZard was an ambitious brand analytics platform that automated online user feedback discovery, scrapping the internet to find available data, analyzing it with powerful AI models, and making business reports to help its customers.

The goal of this platform was to provide an all-in-one framework for extracting and analyzing online data generated by specific keywords and keeping track of an enterprise’s digital feedback(including alerts). Unfortunately, the business side of things didn’t go well, so we decided to shut down our operations to focus on ideas with more potential.

My role

I was responsible for developing and maintaining the web parts of our project, those being the data-exposing API and the React.js front-end.


During my time at DataZard, our codebase went through several changes and refactorings in which I was involved, some of them being:

The value I provided

By working and getting knowledge of all of our web stack, I could rapidly adapt, iterate and help in case a bug was found. Having this ability was a huge bonus for our team and our codebase was able to grow at a very fast pace.