Period: November 2022 - April 2023

Role: Member, founding team

Tech stack: Next.js, Leaflet, daisyUI

Project description

Project Cloud4 was a software studio founded by high school students, bringing together various crafts to help solve real-world problems.

My role

I helped our team create and maintain a small brand identity that allowed us to start working on our projects and pitch for a hackathon and a business bootcamp.

I have also helped in making our first project, A.T.R.I.S. by working with the team in defining the business and technical aspects of our solution, working on multiple crafts such as Engineering and Product, and taking ownership of areas such as our technical opportunities and limitations and our pitching strategy, while also contributing to the code & the architecture.


We faced a lot of challenges as an early team and I’m proud to think that we did a great job working through them; working on a business or an NGO in short periods doesn’t give you much time for thinking and a positive outcome usually forces you to adapt to whatever changes in your environment, while also maintaining a good team morale. Couple that with the fact that you’re still learning a lot about the different functions your team must have, and you might get yourself an amazing, fast-paced growth experience.

The value I provided

To craft a strong proposal and presentation, I managed to quickly adapt and coordinate many of our team efforts, switching and trying to get context on both the engineering and business/marketing aspects of our product.